Services We Provide


Whether a client is considering improving their staging, lighting, video, audio, or all of
the above, Extol Promedia provides professional consultation aimed at determining the
optimal system requirements to meet the client’s needs. Through the use of state-of-
the-art computer-assisted spectrum analysis Extol Promedia can evaluate a client’s
current system and determine whether or not that system is adequate to meet their
needs. If it is determined that the system meets their current needs, Extol Promedia
can provide solutions to improve the system’s ease-of-use and prepare for future

System Design         

If it is determined that a client’s system does not meet their current needs, Extol
Promedia can design a professional pro media system that will fit the client’s needs
and budget. We will work hand in hand with the client, giving them multiple options
and keeping their best interests in mind.   

Professional Installation and System Training          

Whether a system has been designed by Extol Promedia or a third party, we will
provide professional installation service that will ensure that every element of the new
system is implemented properly. After a new system has been installed, it is important
that the client have a thorough understanding of how to use it to its full potential.
Extol Promedia provides professional system training to ensure not only that the client
can operate the system, but that they truly understand how the system works. A pro
media system is only as effective as its operator’s ability to use it.
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